GM Kancelaria Adwokacka



The fees are set individually, after a detailed analysis of the case and a conversation with the Client.
There are three ways of setting the fee:

  1. Total lump sum – The Client pays a defined, fixed amount for the whole lawsuit, including the first and the second instance, regardless the period of time the proceedings may take. In case when the lump sum is significant, usually it is divided into monthly or quarterly installments.
  2. Lump sum + rate for lawsuit substitution.
  3. Lump sum + rate for lawsuit substitution + „success fee”.
  4. For drawing contracts, analyses, memoranda or legal consultations we charge the Client one time only or on hourly basis.

The fee and way of clearing the bill is always settled with the Client individually, depending on the kind of the case, it’s difficulty, it’s consequences and importance to the Client and his financial abilities.

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